“Thankfully, we are finally in our Falmouth home.  Downsizing at this stage in life has been one of the most challenging things that we’ve ever done.  We’re almost there… about 90% organized. Now that Marlene and I can relax for a few moments, we want to thank you for everything you’ve done to help make our move go smoothly.

“You truly walk on water.   From your initial proposal to the ‘final bell’ closing, you have been a sensational broker. Your initial market analysis was excellent. Your easy-going personality and superb knowledge of the business was very reassuring. You made Marlene feel totally comfortable with the process, and this was incredibly helpful in keeping us both on track. You skillfully guided is through every aspect of the sale. You offered sound advice regarding the P&S, inspection, and a number of practical issues that inevitably occur throughout the process. Your recommendations for movers, closing attorney, and contractors proved invaluable. They were all reliable, knowledgeable, responsive and reasonably priced.

“We were also very impressed with the Hammond marketing. Their stunning photography and sensational video tour took full advantage of every feature in our house. I am convinced that this was instrumental in attracting an early buyer who was willing to offer a premium price.

“Of course, it’s the end result that counts. As you know, we were totally ‘blown away’ when the house sold the first day on the market…. For $19K over listing… before we could even hold an open house for brokers. I remember thinking… maybe this happens in Newton, Wellesley, etc… but in Framingham?

“Most of all, we truly enjoyed working with you. You were superbly responsive throughout the entire process… checking every step along the way. Amazing!

“And yes, you do ‘walk on water.’ If Hammond has a Moses award, they should give it to you. We are very happy customers. Thank you so much for everything.”

-- Marlene and Larry M., September 2016 


“It is our immense pleasure to recommend Marsha Marks as a real estate agent for any individual or family searching for a home. Marsha works for Hammond Residential and specializes in the western suburbs of Boston.  From our initial meeting with Marsha we knew she was the right fit.  She listened carefully to our needs andtastes, and tried to find a match in terms of price range and neighborhood.  She's highly attentive, responding to our calls and e-mails instantly.  Marsha is a master at contract negotiations and is highly personable with an engaging personality and sense of humor.  She’s meticulous with detail and knowledgeable about every aspect of home-buying.  Marsha always has your best interest at heart and there’s never any ‘hard sell.’  She works respectfully and effectively with other agents, inspectors, and lawyers, and is an amazing source for recommending movers, and any number of tradesmen associated with home improvement. 

“We wholeheartedly recommend Marsha if you’re looking for a no-pressure, highly competent real estate agent.  She’s absolutely the best in the business.”

-- Barney L. and Tom W., June 2015


“I am writing to share our appreciation for the consistently outstanding buyer representative service provided to us by Marsha Marks. We had the great fortune to meet Marsha three years ago when she was hosting an open house in Framingham. Since then, even though we micro-critiqued almost every listing in Framingham and Natick, Marsha never lost patience with us and always provided wise and timely counsel.

“After we signed the buyer representative agreement, Marsha set me up to receive listings daily via email and gave me a ‘heads-up’ about certain listings when she had advance notice. We always felt as though we were well-informed about the listings and that Marsha could help us ‘navigate’ when there were too many to consider all at once.

“It seemed as though Marsha was almost always available to attend open houses with us, and was always curious to know what we thought. She never made us feel like we were being too picky, but did give us clear and respectful indication whenever we appeared to be on the verge of letting a good deal slip through our hands.

“When we finally did make an offer, Marsha was with us every step of the way. We always felt completely comfortable asking any question – no matter how small, or seemingly ‘dumb.’ If she didn’t know the answer right away, she always followed up. She was with us at the closing too and provided advice and direction well in advance about which steps were coming next, and what we ought to be thinking about. Honestly, we could not miss just by following her advice and direction.

“I will never be at a loss when asked if know a good real estate agent. Without hesitation, the answer will always be Marsha Marks!

“Thank you for the quality service your company has provided. I know Marsha has a support system at Hammond, and it must be working well to provide the service we have enjoyed.”

-- David and Porschez R., July 2013

“This letter is to express my gratitude to Hammond for having what I consider to be the most gifted real estate agent I’ve ever met. Ten years ago I met Marsha Marks when I wanted to sell my first house and since then she has sold one house and one townhouse for me; and assisted me with purchasing one house, and two townhouses.

“Marsha is not only a pleasure to deal with, but is above and beyond any other real estate broker I’ve ever attempted to deal with (I’ve had to use other brokers in different states, and wish it could have been Marsha!). She is on top of her game as far as knowledge of the ‘rules and regulations,’ and the properties and the communities in different areas. Beyond that though, she has a marvelous understanding of the dynamics involved when it comes to sellers, and buyers, which allows her to use that comprehension to successfully put, and keep, a deal together! She has the patience of a saint, as I am not the easiest person to go through buying or selling with. She lets nothing rattle her or her professional manner. Had it not been for her knowledge of the real estate world and its players, my current home I bought through her would never have happened. At one point It seemed that I would not get a deal together and I was ready to walk away. But Marsha, knowing it was the perfect home for me, and that I wanted it so badly, was not willing to give up. She showed me that a little patience and understanding of the seller’s situation could indeed result in me getting the home I wanted.

“One of her greatest strengths is her commitment to telling it like it is. She always says what is true, even if it she knows it is not what I want to hear. Too often people get told what they want to hear, which I believe is not necessarily a good thing when it comes to real estate deals. Marsha should be recognized for a job well done!”

-- Diane N., April 2013